Bronze Team

STS-1 Bronze Team

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  • Kam:

    This is a great photo! I am deployed to MOD at JSC from the Canadian Space Agency (one of the “Foreign Nationals” 🙂 to be certified in the ROBO flow. I just read your article on the MOC. It means a lot to me to read about these facilities as many people just walk past these rooms without realizing the history they are a part of.

  • Thanks! Sadly, I too didn’t fully appreciate the history and heritage of the seat I occupied, until long after I had left. I guess it’s typical of the young to look forward rather than back. Which is too bad.

  • Sparky:

    I recognize a lot of these names but they’re a little younger than when I met them 🙂 I had many years in shuttle ops, I ran your RMS jettison procedure many times.

    Thanks for the great article on the MOC.

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