ChordWorks for Guitar




ChordWorks for Guitar

In 1991, I started my own company, Six String Software. Under that label I produced several music and game programs over the next several years.

My first release was ChordWorks for Guitar. I worked with professional guitarist Joe Harris in producing this title. This groundbreaking program featured a chromatic tuner; a 4,400+ chord dictionary (in 44 types and all 12 keys), and a chord identifier. The identifier would allow you to play chords on your attached MIDI guitar and would identify it for you, also providing likely variants.

You could display either left- or right-handed guitars, and place them in either “duet” or “tab” orientations. Acoustic and Electric guitar images were provided, as were acoustic or electric waveform sounds.

To my knowledge, this was the first professional guitar software program released for the IBM-PC in the U.S.

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