GuitarChords and GuitarTutor for Windows

ChordWorks and GuitarWorks were DOS-based programs. I separated the chord and tutorial functions and re-wrote them for the Windows operating system.

GuitarChords was a complete re-hosting of the chords functions from GuitarWorks: chromatic (and interactive!) tuners, chord dictionary, chord identifier, chord clipboard (fake sheet creator).

GuitarTutor kept the tuner functions and added a new song player, compatible with songs created with GuitarWorks. The basic program came bundled with the 25-lesson plan, Scales & Riffs, developed by professional guitarist Wayne Cockfield. These lessons taught the Major, Minor, and Minor Pentatonic Scales, as well as riffs in each scale. Add-on lesson plan and song disks were available, including a book/software bundle from St. Martin’s Press, How to Play Guitar, and Christmas songs.

As always, you could display either left- or right-handed guitars, and place them in either “duet” or “tab” orientations. Acoustic and Electric guitar photo-realistic were provided, as were acoustic or electric waveform sounds, or you could select any MIDI patch your soundcard supported.

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