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Star Trek

What self-respecting NASA computer wouldn’t have a Star Trek game? This was mostly Brad’s creation. I provided invaluable design advice (“That sucks. Make it look better.”)

You played on a 100×100 “universe.” Long-range scans told you where Klingons and Romulans lurked. You would move into their “quadrant” and use short-range scan to find them, switch to “Bridge mode” (with viewscreen), and fire phasers or photon torpedoes until the enemy blew up. Romulan Birds-of-Prey were, well, easy prey. Klingon Battlecruisers, however, could give nearly as good as they got. And if you had to fight several at once . . . (“Captain’s log, supplemental: HOLY SHIT!!”)

During battle, you would take damage to whatever side of the ship was facing the enemy. Once your screens on that side were down, you started losing power to critical systems (computers, life support, navigation, engines, weapons). The game required fast thinking to switch to Damage Control mode, re-route power from less-critical systems to weapons (fight) or engines (flight), and continue battling, all the while shouting things like, “I’m doin’ all I ken! I canna change the laws o’ physics!”

Assuming you didn’t get killed, you could navigate (if you still had nav, computers, and engine power) to a Star Base, dock, and re-energize.

It wasn’t exactly The Original Series, but it beat the hell out of NextGen.

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