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Tank & Jet Games

We had two games involving tanks: “Tanks” (very clever, huh?) and “TankJet.” Tanks was a simple player-vs-player tank battle. TankJet, however, featured one or two players against the computer. (Or against each other, if you were a devious, back-stabbing bastard, huh Brad?) The jets were high-precision scale models of the new F-16s, as you can see.

In battle, you swooped in on a tank column and tried to blast them while they were shooting back. The tanks determined which jet was the greater threat and estimated your future position and fired an anti-aircraft shell at you. Working as a team, (“team”–you understand the term, Brad?), one would fly at the tank to draw fire while the other tried to destroy it.

If you were shot down, you could eject (unless you were too low, which was the best attack profile) and parachute to safety. However, the low-class tank commander might decide to shoot at you, anyway. Then it was up to your partner to defend and protect you. (Yes, “defend and protect,” not run away like a friggin’ coward!)

Not the most graphically or computationally spectacular game we wrote, but definitely one of the most fun!

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