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Ultimate Euchre

What makes Ultimate Euchre so great? Well first, it’s Euchre, which immediately puts it ahead of any other card game. Next, I think it plays pretty darned well, and was a visually pleasing game. But what truly set it apart was the customization options.


  • Skill level: First off, you can add as many computer players as you want. You can set the skill level from Beginner to Master. Nothing too unusual about that.
  • Aggressiveness: However, you can also set the characters’ aggressiveness. Ever have a partner that would go alone with a mediocre hand, or would regularly trump your ace? You can duplicate them. Or the opposite: someone who won’t make trump without three guaranteed tricks. Make them, too.
  • Predictability: Some players always do the right (or wrong) thing. Others go by “instinct”: making trump with a weak hand because they were “just sure” you had the right bauer. Well, you can model that in your players as well.
  • Personality: And finally–ever play with a real jerk? Or someone who was so polite that you just wanted to pound their head on the table? How about a fundamentalist Christian, or a total foul-mouthed sleazebag? You can add these delightful personalities to your players as well! How does that affect the game? Well, it doesn’t, exactly. But each player has a “talk” box below their name. During the game, they will comment on your play and that of their teammates and opponents: gloating over a set, bitching about a failed loner, calling their partner foul names for a bad play. You can even add your own comments!


The game came with a dozen photo-realistic card backs, much like Microsoft stole added to Solitaire. But I also provided scores of other designs: nature, aircraft, space, holidays, hunky guys, beautiful girls, even an add-on R-rated set of nude cards!


Ultimate Euchre came with dozens of wave-form sounds, everything from the riffle of a shuffling deck, to a donkey bray for when you set your opponent, to rather rude comments for certain situations. These waves could be tagged to game events such as winning a trick, succeeding in a march, overtrumping, euchring your opponent, or succeeding in a loner. I provided scores of additional sounds, and people could also add their own.


Why play on the same table top every game? I also provided multiple table designs, but anyone could easily add their own just by copying the texture into the Tables folder.

Additionally, Ultimate Euchre kept game, session, and career stats for you and all your players. The final version included the option to play other people over the Internet–back in the mid 1990s!

So I stand by my claim: Ultimate Euchre is one of the best computer card games ever.

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  • Pat Schatz:

    I use to play your Euchre game but I’m unable to find this version to download now. Where can I get it? Thanks

  • Drop me an email at “terry” at this domain (terryburlison.com) and I’ll see if I can scrounge up a copy to send you.

  • Jerry AZ:


    I’ve been a fan of Ultimate Euchre for a long time and was dismayed when I lost my copy when switching to a new machine. Thanks for sending me a copy!

  • Richard Erickson:

    I bought a copy of Ultimate Euchre with a Vengence v 1.03 from you in 1995-1996. I can use it in Win 98, but not in WinXP. Is there an update you could send me? I really love playing your euchre game and to me, it is still the best.

    Thank you,

  • Fred Meyer:

    I’ve always said that your Ultimate Euchre game was the best I’d ever found online. Like many others, my copy of it disappeared as I upgraded operating systems over the years. If there’s a way you could make it available to me again, I’d really appreciate it.

    Thank you,

    Fred Meyer

  • Andrew Gonsalves:

    your Euchre Game is the best I have ever played,i would love to purchase a copy for My sister in Law for her Birthday next month, she used to play t daily until her computer died .

    thank you very much.

  • Jeff Kohut:


    I have been playing Eucher for years and i just found your game it looks outstanding. I have been playing some other pc games and they are crap compaired to yours. how do i get a copy?


  • Jeff Kohut:


    I just read your Bio, you should really get going with your life and try to make something of it, It sounds like your wasting a lot of time, maybe get a hobby or somthing.


  • @Jeff: Drop me an email (TBurlison at this domain), and I’ll shoot you a copy!

  • @Jeff: lol! Yeah, I should stop being such a slacker!

  • Terry, I would like to know if ultimate euchre is available for vista?

  • Jeff Kohut:

    Thanks for sending me the game. do you have one that works with windows 7?


  • Looks like it runs under 32-bit W7, but not 64-bit (at least, that’s what a tester told me). Sorry. (I don’t use Windows any more.) You could install a virtual machine, like VMWare, and install something like Win98SE as a 2nd operating system. It’s what I do under Linux and Mac OS.

  • I don’t know: I gave up on Windows long ago. I can send you a copy to try.

  • Steven, England:

    Do you know of any software for English Euchre i.e. with a Benny, please?

  • Sorry, I really don’t. I may be releasing a version for Android this year; I’ll keep Benny in mind. 🙂

  • marcia:

    where can i purchase ultimate euchre? thanks

  • trisha cole:

    I would like learn euchre and was wondering if Ultimate Euchre would work with windows 7. If so would you send me a copy. How much does it cost?

  • Kim:

    I would really appreciate a copy of Ultimate Euchre to try on my win 7 pc please


  • So how do i get thisw, I am retired and spend my time on the computer, looking for a good eucher games which beat hell out of solitare but when thaqts all you got thats allyou got.

  • Grant:

    Hey Terry, I tried several times and still can’t get Windows 98 to install in Windows 7 Ultimate 64 bit. I did however spend some more time using the XP Mode for Windows 7 and it seems to be working just fine. Right now that’s all I use Win XP mode for is playing Ultimate Euchre. Thanks again for the copy of game. I’m remembering the fun I had as a kid playing with my dad. Even using the 6 & 4 as score keepers.


  • Thanks alot Terry
    I enjoyed playing your game. I have Xp on my old computer and Vista on my lap. I have managed to install in on my Vista by right-clicking the properties and ticking the compatibility of the programme for Win98 🙂
    thnx alot dude 🙂

  • Paul Scott:

    How do I get Ultimate Euchre?

    Thank you

  • Katel70:

    Is there a Linux release? I didn’t find a “download” link.

  • Sorry, no Linux version. Maybe Android, someday. 🙂

  • Drop me an email directly. Thanks.

  • I played your game for many years and would greatly appreciate a copy so I can play it again. There is jut nothing that compares to your UI available anywhere!

  • Vincent:

    Hi Terry

    Is it possible that you could send me a copy of your Ultimate Euchre software as I have recently discovered the card game itself (had never heard of it previously) and would very much like to become more proficient playing it.

    If you require payment (once I’ve made sure it works ok on my pc) please let me know how much.

    Many thanks


  • Sam Hummel:

    Hi; I am interested in buying your euchre game. how would I do this so I could download it from you to me in Canada thanks Sam

  • I’ll send you a copy.

  • Sam Hummel:

    Thanks for the fast response! Great software! Downloaded with no problem. Really enjoying the playing level of the game. Thanks Terry!

  • Duane Parks:

    This software sounds what I’m looking for. How can I get a copy?

  • Arleen Greenwood:

    Hi, I’d love to learn to play this game. Could you send me a copy?
    Thanks so much!

  • Brad:

    Hey, I would really like to get a copy of this game.


  • Bob Moredock:

    I had your software on an older computer but want to put it on my new one, can you send it to me please. This is the only Euchre game I like. Thank you.

  • Harold Hoffmann:

    Can you send me a copy of Ultimate Euchre? Thank you it would be greatly appreciated.

  • Harold Hoffmann:

    Properly named this is the “Ultimate Euchre” – way ahead of its time. Thanks for your creation.

  • Tom Whalen:


    I would love a copy of your Euchre game. I have an Android version that I play on my Note 3, but the screen is so tiny.

    Lately I have been trying to learn Python and thought that it would not be difficult to create Euchre, but after getting the console to show random cards for each player, and the kitty in the middle, I was STUMPED! Latley I have been wondering if assigning some value to each table and having the AI total up the values in their hands (for both trump and face) would be the path to success. Just recently I started learning how to create classes and objects, and I can ‘sort of’ picture the objects but I have a hard time figuring out whether a hand object should determine which card to play, or if the card objects themselves should make that decision 🙂

  • Ash Slaughter:

    Literally set up a Windows 98 VM to keep playing this. The greatest Euchre game ever.

  • J Moore:

    I’d be interested in this game. Am trying to find a Euchre game that can progress instead of playing the same cards all the time. This sounds like it might do that. Does this have no trump? Just curious. Thank you.

  • Thanks, man! (Catch ’em all.)

  • I’m not sure what you mean by “progress.” Actually, it does have no-trump, as well as Midwest style, Canadian, 10- or 11-points, and other options.

  • J Moore:

    Not sure I can explain this correctly but If you are playing with live people (vs computer….which I’d rather not play online if possible), then the people would learn (& you would learn) how to use …..well like leadbacks, or would at least trump in instead of laying off if you are the last one to play a card & then take the trick for your team. I just can’t seem to explain it correctly…. Sorry.

  • Mike B.:

    Recently started playing UE again after many years away. Forgot how much I love Terry’s implementation of the best card game in the world. We host a small Euchre tournament at our house monthly and this game is perfect for keeping my game sharp. Thanks again.

  • Larry Ost:

    Several years ago we obtained (purchased?) a CD with multiple games on it, including a Midwest style Euchre. We enjoyed playing it on our Windows 7 computer (not online). Unfortunately, we were forced to upgrade to Windows 10 and the Euchre game offered by Microsoft is a poor imitation of the one we had. We can find offers for free downloads but most sound overly complicated – and our browser doesn’t allow the downloads without our permission, making the site suspect. We don’t know if your game is similar to the one we enjoyed, but we would simply like to obtain a CD or a download of a Euchre game we can play without playing online. Any suggestions would be greatly appreciated. Thank you. Larry Ost

  • Sorry, Ultimate Euchre isn’t compatible with Win10.

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